How To Become A London Cabbie


Becoming a London taxi driver is not an easy thing. It is not possible for anyone to be a taxi driver in London with a short period of time, because of the prohibition of the use of sat navs.

Mastering the quickest routes can take a minimum of three years. If you are desperate for employment taking a mini cab job within the London area in the meantime not only provides a source of income but will also help with the knowledge says John owner of Mobbo minicab Earlsfield

The simplified stages of becoming a London cabbie include the following

1. First, you have to write to the public carriage office with the address 15 penton street, London N1 9PU, requesting for an application pack, which will include a medical assessment form.

2. After writing to the public carriage office, get yourself a copy of the Blue Book and start learning the different routes. Getting in earlier means becoming a cabbie early enough. The best way is to get a soft copy of it because you can easily print out the route you desire to operate on. You can practice following the routes you print out as you wait for the Public Carriage Office to reply.

3. Once the forms you applied for arrive, fill them keenly and send them back. Remember to also include your medical report. This report is acquired by visiting your family doctor for a DVLA Group 2 medical examination which covers different areas. Also include the character check which is basically a criminal record check. If you have convictions, better include them.

4. When your application is goes through, you will be given a London introductory pack which includes a DVD and a copy Of the Guide to learning the knowledge of London.

5. After you manage to learn the first 80 runs, you can contact the PCO and arrange to sit for an assessment test. This is a simple written paper where you mark your own paper with the aid of a tutor. This test is optional, it’s just to determine how well you are moving on.

6. The written test is divided into two stages of which one needs to score 60% and above. Stage one will test you on your knowledge about the routes contained in the book. You will be given three routes form one location to another, and you will have to choose the shortest route. Stage two will test you on the points of interest. You are given a point of interest and four possible locations and picking the correct position is what you ought to do.

7. Here you will be subjected to three oral exams known as appearance tests. The tests take a maximum of 30 minutes. The examiner will ask you the location of different points of interest, and you must be able to identify them and tell him the best way to get there in the shortest time.

8. After completing all the stages successfully, you will be invited to apply for your green badge licence. This licence will show that you are a qualified London taxi driver.

These are the stages and for sure you can see that you cannot do it in a week. It calls for patience and persistence.

Marketing Strategies For Your Local Carpet Cleaning Business


If you’re trying to build up your carpet cleaning business there is no way of going around a good marketing strategy. Not only is it important to attract new clients, but it’s also necessary to ward off possible rivals.

Here are some great strategies that can help you achieve just that provided by Carpet Cleaning Henderson who have been successfully marketing and running a carpet cleaning business for 15 years.


Marketing Strategies

Internet marketing – The best way to get people to notice your business is to advertise through the expanding social media platforms such as Facebook. Create a Facebook page for your business, and use the paid advertisement option to share a short video describing your service. You should target your local community or other areas in which you want to attract more clients.

Flyers – The old fashioned way of marketing is also very effective. Print some flyers that describe your service, provide some contact info, and have a catchy phrase. Distribute them in the areas in which you want to expand your business.

Also, it is important to realize that most people are not going to use an email to contact you, but rather call you directly to arrange the details. It is vital to have a telephone contact and an operator that can respond immediately to any calls.

Failing to do so can lead potential clients into thinking that you are not serious about your offer, and they’ll find someone else to do the job.



By combining these marketing strategies you will inevitably attract many new clients. Hopefully this information helps you achieve the expansion of your carpet cleaning business and the results you desire.

Starting An Online Business 101


If you would like to start a business of your own are you aware how to get it done? I would suggest you begin a business that uses the Internet in as many ways as possible.

Keeping that in mind let us take a look at the fundamental steps to starting an online business anybody can follow to get their business started.

1. Business model. This is extremely important. You can generate cash on the Internet in several ways.

Included in this are selling products of your own, selling someone else’s products, lead generation, pay-per-click advertising, and more.

Do not have a product or service? I would suggest you look strongly at the affiliate marketing model. This will let you start and make money in numerous ways if you don’t have your own product or service to sell.

2. Join a handful of affiliate programs for free. The ones I would recommend are Clickbank for digital information, Amazon for physical and digital products, Commission Junction for cost per action programs, and Google Adsense for pay per click income.

3. Pick a niche. Select something you have an interest in, are a specialist at, or have a passion for. You will find literally countless ways to earn money in niche marketing.

The key when you first start is to love it. This way you’ll want to work at it even when you are not making money in the beginning.

4. Buy a domain name. Name Cheap, Go Daddy, and other domain sites allow you to buy a domain name for your new business for less than $15 annually.

Choose one that explains what your online business is about. Try to get a keyword phrase in the domain name that people search for relating to your business.

For instance, if you’re an accountant in Denver choose something like AccountantInDenver dot com. If you are planning to provide gardening tips choose something like BestGardeningTips dot com. Always go with the .com, .net, or .org if they’re available.

5. Website Hosting. Blue Host is an excellent place to host your new online business. They have the Fantastico Program so that you can use WordPress to develop your website.

This is not difficult to do. However, it is possible to outsource this for $5 at You will also find people to build you a complete site with content at the Warrior Forum.

If you are creating your own site use your WordPress Theme as a static home page. You can add affiliate ad banners for your various products to it and improve it over time.

6. Education. Learn to market online. This is a very critical step. Up to now you’ve focused on the research and development phase of your new online business.

Infographic by successful online chat site MocoSpace Chat Rooms


How To Set Up A Commercial Cleaning Business


When venturing into the commercial cleaning business, it is most likely that you are someone who values a perfectly organized, immaculate spot in your home and anywhere you are. As most business owners, this passion for cleanliness – and seeing how important it is – must be your drive to establishing your own cleaning service.

Just like any other, this professional service requires a truckload of must-dos. Starting this business entails that you have what it takes to get it started in the first place. You may want to consider these tips about starting your new commercial cleaning venture:

1.Identify your target market.


Essentially, starting a business may mean identifying a need and filling it. However, you can’t serve everybody but less please them. This applies to living the real life, but it is also the premise behind the idea of determining the specific people whom you will be calling your customers. If your focus is the commercial sector, narrow your client profile down to whether the size of the market you are serving. Will you be equipped to handle services for huge universities? Focusing on particular niche enables you to zone in strategies for marketing and advertising.

2.Set the specific services you will offer.

When it comes to cleaning your clients’ offices and places of business, will you be sticking to the basics or will you be offering more? Vacuuming, sweeping, wiping, mopping, dusting, and bathroom are generally part of your services but you can also opt to magnify your scope. Make sure you paint a clearer picture of what you can and what you can’t do, so when your clients ask you to do extra, more complex cleaning services, you’ll know how to respond. Through this step, you will set the number and the types of supplies and equipment you will need to buy.

3.Determine where you will be offering the service.

One of the first steps you need to take when trying to start your commercial cleaning company in Cardiff is to decide where you intend to your business to be known and established. This is important because this is the step where you need to fix your licensing, registration, and other requirements for your startup.

4.Hire the right people.

If you have the financial capacity for it, hire the people you need to start the business and run it for the long term. You may also opt to have a few employees trained and working for you on an as-need basis, but decide to keep them as your regular crew as your business grows.

How To Start A Carpet Cleaning Business


Everyday activities can result in dirty carpets, which need to be deep cleaned on a regular basis.

Here are tips for you on how to start a carpet cleaning business provided by a professional carpet cleaning business – carpet cleaning chiswick, who have been in business working in and around the London area for over a decade.


– Before you start a carpet cleaning business you need to have some experience on carpet cleaning, take some training sessions to learn the techniques.


– A business plan is essential before setting up a carpet cleaning business, in your business plan remember to include your set in plans, budget, predictions for running and extending your business. You also need to indicate your views on how to market the business and also employ some helpers.


– Visit your local authorities and apply for a license.


-Choose a good name for your business, ensure that the name is able to catch ones attention.


-Insuring your carpet cleaning business is important, in case of property loss and damage you can be compensated by the insurance company.


-Gather all equipments you will require to start your carpet cleaning business, make sure all the items you purchase are within your estimated budget. If you are starting small buy only one carpet cleaner, carpet shampoos, brushes and stain removers.


-Start advertising your business in your area by using flyers and also by asking friends and relatives to refer their friends to your business.


-In the website include your contacts and also directions to your business.


-At the moment the business has thrived and you need an extra hand, make sure to train your employees according to how you want the work done.


Top Tips For Starting A Plastering Business


Setting up a plastering business can prove rewarding both financially and in terms of job satisfaction. There are several things to consider before jumping in and it’s important you draw up a business plan, calculate the start up costs and know exactly how to market your business.

For this article Moving Pool Tables spoke with, who have been in business for over 20 years about what it takes to set up and run a successful plastering business.


Work in plastering can be very attractive and can provide a steady income with easy hours for you to manage and work around. Most of these jobs are needed by public organizations, building contractors or even private and government agencies. Initially, you can opt to apply to be part of a construction business and eventually become self-employed as you establish a market that needs the service and be a sub-contractor yourself.

The good thing about being in a plastering job is that you do not need to provide the materials for the job. This will have to be provided by the agency or the person you will be working for. You will be paid for the labor cost and there is no investment needed except for the tools that you will be using. However, if you will be employed by a big construction or contractor business, the tools will also be provided.



You will know the requirements for plastering job by word-of-mouth. You have to keep in touch with contractor companies and you will know who are in need of plasterers. More often than not, when people know that you are looking for this job, they will have recommendations on who you should go to.

You can also find plastering job opportunities online. There are online boards and forums where you can post your interest in the area. You will also see vacancies just by browsing through the job opportunities in different construction business sites.

Plastering jobs can be done in commercial properties and newly built houses. There are also plastering opportunities for structures that need restoration and repair work. You can actively seek for employment opportunity in your area by checking on the new developments and see who is in charge of the development. When you already have the information, you can go to the office and inquire if they have vacancy for this kind of work. You should not wait for the construction to start before inquiring. Most likely, at that time, they already have the line-up completed and the chances of getting hired will be low.

Services In Demand

Plastering jobs will always have a demand because the construction and home improvements business will always be around. There is always a demand for this type of skill because people are too busy to do this thing themselves. To land the job the soonest possible time, you have to actively use your contacts and technology to spread the word about your interest to work in this field.

How To Start An Electrical Contracting Business

Starting your own electrical business is a wise choice, especially if your interest lies in the field of electricity.

However, considering the variety of large business competitors, an electrician business can be a frustrating responsibility, especially that it also takes time and money to prosper. You need to be at least well guided and knowledgeable.

Like other businesses, starting up an electrician business also follows certain procedures.


Whether you are starting from scratch, purchasing an electrical contractor franchise for company branding, below are the general steps that you can follow to start up your own electrical business

Get a training or education from a certified trade institution.

After, gain some experiences about being an electrician through apprenticeship or working in a particular company and earn a license by taking some exams as specified by your state.

Complete your business with all the important things required to operate efficiently, such as your vehicle, communication tools, and electrician equipment.


Purchase business liability insurance for your electrical business.Your insurance agent will be able to explain to you how much your state require and advise you if you need an additional surety bonding.

Make your electrical business known and gain customers through an effective public relations plan. Also, establish a professional presence by creating a logo, which will represent the value of your business and make customers remember you.

In the video below Dave from electrical contractors Las Vegas explains how to charge a competitive hourly rate, whilst still making a profit

Aside from your local office, you may hire a website developer to create a virtual office and invite more customers to request for a service. Finally, create a fair pricing strategy which must be transparent to customers who will approach your office.

Negotiate deals and win contracts, if applicable

8 Tips For Starting A Photography Business


I’m sure you would have all heard the quote, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Photography is one of the best hobbies that can be converted into a successful occupation.

The professional photographers can be into multiple types of photography. The specializations include wedding, bar/bat mitzvahs, portrait, kids and school photography, to name a few.

These days, there is a peak in the business of wedding and portrait photography.

If you think you are born to be a photographer, then you can set up a company of your own. But, before starting up one, go through some of the tips for starting a photography business. Here we go…

1. Learn:

Find out the best courses and best mentor available and learn as much as you can. Work as an intern with a professional company like Natasha Jenkins Photography. Create a portfolio.

2. Set a budget:

The first thing to think about before you start a business is a budget. Determine how much you can invest to set up a company. Depending upon the budget, you can plan the rest of the things.

3. Find your niche:

You had already made a portfolio. Have a look at it several times and determine your niche. Think what kind of photos you like to capture the most. This is the best way to find out your specialisation.

4. Set up a studio:
Buy a place where you can set up the studio.

5. Hire the staff:

Conduct the interviews and placement sessions in colleges to hire the freshers. The fresh talent will be more creative and useful for certain tasks. Also, hire the experienced ones who can work with the responsibility and help the newbies too.

6. Make a website:

In this eWorld, every company ranging from small business to huge enterprises has a website of its own. It is necessary to have the online presence of your studio to make it well known globally.

7. Market it:

Advertising is one of the most important things you should do before you launch your company and step into the market. Talk about it online, in social networking websites, in TV, newspapers, and magazines, on boards and hoardings. Let everyone know about your new photography company.

8. Build your clients:
Start looking for the clients and take the projects one by one initially. Then, you can have multiple clients at a time, but treat all of them as if they are the only one.

I hope the above-mentioned points help you a lot in starting your own photography company. Good luck!

Setting Up A Tow Recovery Business – The Ultimate Guide

Setting up a Tow Recovery Business can be a big decision. Make sure you plan in the right way as it will involve large expense in term of machinery, its maintenance, and a storage house.

Many people spend massive amounts in buying tow trucks on loans or renting a space but end with debts and no clients. Correct use of resources and building a reputation is crucial, and an even most serious factor is to hire skilled and experienced towing divers. Spending your hard earned money will be beneficial only when the towing driver can handle the towing truck carefully.

1. Start your towing company with proper planning:


It will be a wise decision to start your towing company with good planning, and structure in hand. Remember, we are not talking about ordinary car machinery or tools available, but these are high and heavy duty trucks.

These vehicles could be used to tow a broken down or damaged automobile or illegally parked vehicle. The towing driver of your tow truck has to be extremely careful while towing.

Good condition of the towing truck, lifting tools and pulleys is also extremely critical. Defective or malfunctioned equipment or tools can be a source of further injury or accident of already damaged vehicles.

2. Licensing requirements

Experts point out that obtaining a license is one of the most difficult parts of the starting a towing service business. Since most states have different sets of rules for licensing, it is important for the prospective business owner to find out the detailed regulations in place.

As a prospective business owner of a towing Spokane business for example, you might need to supply evidence and details regarding the below, though the requirements might vary from state to state:

1. Bond, though the amount may be different in each state

2. Detailed list of all drivers who might be driving the tow truck

3. Extensive inspection of all facilities and equipment

4. Substantive proof of a dependable driving record

5. Report of the criminal background checks of the driver

6. Proof of drug test results

3. Capital and insurance


Create a plan that involves researching up-front costs of training; maintenance costs for tow trucks, rentals for impound lots, and additional costs for marketing and employee management.

The entire aggregate of this will give you a rough outline of the capital required to be invested, to begin with. In case, the amount is beyond availability; you can also try applying for a business loan to help you get started.

4. Research fully to find the best available towing truck:

When beginning the towing business, research fully to find the best available towing truck. There are different kinds of towing truck available, like a flatbed truck, integrated truck, wheel lifting truck, booming truck and the most common is the hook-chain towing truck.

As per your business need, you can choose from medium duty or heavy duty truck. The accidental towing company should pick and like heavy duty trucks and civil towing company should use standard, heavy truck, as they have to move small vehicles from parking lots or broken down vehicles.

5. Analysis of the market

Among the comprehensive list of what is needed to start a towing business, a critical step would be to analyze the prospective markets and decide on the zone in which you want to operate. It’s recommended that your business exists in a populated region where there isn’t an excessive competition.

Once your tow trucks, new or used are available, then finding a dedicated and experienced driver is also necessary. Good Machinery and incompetent drivers do not agree, so if you have both equipment and driver in excellent condition, then nothing can stop your towing company to excel and prosper.

Starting A HVAC Service Business – The Ultimate Guide


Whenever someone intends to start a business, there are several questions.

Similar is the case when you want to establish a heating business. What would be the expense required? Are there are special equipment needed? What can be the ideal location for the business? And the list goes on.

These were some of the primary questions; you have to answer if you are willing to open up an HVAC business. In the beginning, you will have to face the challenges, but once you get through, your business will start to grow automatically.

Be rational and focused in such premises, as this is the key to start off your business well. For guidance and advice, check with heating experts, as they are connoisseurs in this line of the field.

Interview courtesy of Snowman ducted heating services in Melbourne

For starting an HVAC business, here are some primitive considerations to be taken:

Hire workers:


For the success of any business, employees play a key role, and if they are experts in their field, they result in a quick development of the business.

Try to hire employees, which are technical strong on the HVAC side. Technical knowledge is the basic criteria for selection in this field. Keep this in your priority and hire experts in the HVAC repair, maintenance, and servicing operations. Employees should be like-minded so that communication can be easier.

Hire mechanics which have command in all the procedures of HVAC repair. Keep one thing in mind that the much experienced your workers are, the much better is your business progress. So try to hire expertise and specialists, if you want some rapid progress in the early start.

Marketing 101


For promoting your business, arrange seminars or public meetings on the HVAC subject. This is how the people will unite in one place, and you will have a vital opportunity to bring out your service in front of them.

Beside this, you can carry some more activities for the promotion like developing pamphlets and distributing them in every street and public area. You can distribute your pamphlets in the marketplace, in bus stops or any public restaurant.

This is how many HVAC business people promote their business, and they received good customers. Private promotion is a good technique to promote your business, especially when you are new in the market. It will give recognition to your business, and there is a chance that you receive good client coverage right after that. So do not miss any opportunity and exhibit your business.

Get Your Pricing Right:


Keep your charges low, as every new business has to compromise initially. If the charges are low, the customers will be attracted, and your business will receive good client coverage in the start.

Once you are successful in winning the trust of the people, there is no way that you are out of your business reputation.

After establishing your recognition, you can increment your charges as the customer’s trust you and your experience and they will always call on you to serve them well.